Day: March 23, 2020

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    SANS cares about bringing exemplary cybersecurity training to classrooms around the world as often as possible, but we also care about your safety during the novel Coronavirus outbreak. Learn about our global Training Guarantee.


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    SANS instructors produce thousands of free content-rich resources for the information security community. These resources are aimed to provide the latest in research and technology available to help support awareness and growth across a wide range of IT and OT security considerations.


    Discover legitimate and effective ways to find, gather, and analyze data from the internet. You’ll learn scenario-based requirements and OSINT techniques needed to capture truly important OSINT data. All OnDemand courses give you

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    Internet Download Accelerator | Information

    Internet Download Accelerator effectively solves
    three of the biggest problems when downloading files: speed, resuming
    broken downloads, and management of downloaded files.

    The distinguishing features of Internet Download Accelerator are superior
    overall performance and convenient user interface.

    IDA AVCInternet
    Download Accelerator lets you to noticeably increase the speed of file
    download from the Internet using HTTP, HTTPS and FTP protocols. The acceleration
    is achieved by splitting a file being downloaded into several parts and
    downloading these parts at the same time. Internet Download Accelerator
    resumes broken downloads from where they left off from both HTTP, HTTPS
    and FTP servers.

    To increase usability Internet Download Accelerator integrates with Internet
    Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, Netscape, Safari, Yandex.Browser
    , Vivaldi and others, replacing the standard
    download modules. Moreover, the program monitors the system clipboard
    and detects URLs in the clipboard. With IDA you can download and save video from popular video services.


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    Our Wi-Fi-enabled gadgets have changed the way we work, play, and even raise our children. Today’s offices would be unrecognizable to workers of the past thanks to the proliferation of emails, video conferencing, tablets, laptop computers, and other relatively recent innovations. Meanwhile, more and more of our personal time is influenced by our gadgets (OK, smartphones) with each passing day.

    YouTube Video

    So have we reached peak-technology? Hardly.

    The novelty of constant online connections and instant communication may have begun to wear thin for older generations, but the next wave of Americans have no such qualms. 

    Their tech-dependent lifestyles are already causing huge changes in both the professional and private spheres. The change may be inevitable…unless the Wi-Fi cuts out, of course.

    Our Digitized Professional Lives

    As many as 79% of employees now “work on virtual teams,” be it by email, online collaboration, messaging, video conferences, or some combination of

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    CUergo: Computer Workstation Ergonomics Guidelines

    CUergo: Computer Workstation Ergonomics Guidelines

    Cornell University Ergonomics Web

    Ergonomic Guidelines for arranging a Computer
    10 steps for users

    Creating a good ergonomic working arrangement is important to protecting
    your health. The following 10 steps are a brief summary of those things that
    most Ergonomists agree are important. If you follow the 10 steps they should
    help you to improve your working arrangement. You can also use the Computer
    Workstation Checklist
    to help to pinpoint any areas of concern and take a
    look at the ‘Computer Workstation summary’
    ‘ for specific tips. However, every situation is
    different, and if you can’t seem to get your arrangement to feel right or
    you are confused about some of the following recommendations you should
    seek professional advice. Also see my book – Ergonomic Workplace Design for Health, Wellness, and Productivity.

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    Rezultate analize | Synevo

    Înregistrează-te în recepţiile noastre pentru a primi direct pe e-mail informații cu privire la disponibilitatea rezultatelor tale.
    În funcţie de clientul de e-mail pe care îl foloseşti, este posibil ca mesajul nostru să intre în folderul “Spam”.
    Nu uita să verifici şi acolo.

    După informarea primită pe e-mail,
    ai posibilitatea să vezi rezultatele online.

    Pentru că ne adaptăm nevoilor tale,
    poţi opta pentru un cont pe bază de CNP sau unul pe baza cererii de analize.



    Cu ajutorul acestui cont ai acces la istoricul analizelor efectuate.

    Graficele noastre te ajută să vezi evoluţia valorii anumitor teste, iar dacă vrei să îţi printezi unul dintre buletinele de analize emise din momentul creării contului, o poţi face foarte uşor.

    Cere în orice Centru de Recoltare Synevo crearea acestui cont.
    Numele de utilizator va fi CNP-ul tău,
    iar parola o vei primi din recepţie.

    DE PE
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    Simon Technology Center – Assistive Technology, Augmentative Communication Devices

    Simon Technology Center Overview

    Assistive technology can be a device or service that helps children with disabilities participate more independently within their environment at home or school.

    The Simon Technology Center (STC) is dedicated to making the benefits of technology more accessible to children and adults with disabilities. Through a collaborated effort involving parents, professionals, and consumers, the STC can provide numerous services for your family, as well as resources and informative answers to your questions. Since 1987, the Simon Technology Center has helped many children and adults, with a variety of disabilities, use assistive technology to enhance learning, work and independence.


    The Simon Technology Center provides a variety of core services to help children, families, and professionals including:


    The Simon Technology Center also operates several projects with specific focuses such as:

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    Internet of Things | Azure Blog and Updates

    Tuesday, March 10, 2020

    The increased use of renewables, resiliency challenges, and sustainability concerns are all disrupting the energy industry today.

    Friday, March 6, 2020

    Open standards will drive the future of healthcare, and today, we’re sharing the expansion of Microsoft’s portfolio for FHIR, with new open-source software (OSS) and connectors which will help customers at different stages of their journey to advance interoperability and secure exchange of Protected Health Information (PHI).

    Friday, March 6, 2020

    Providers, payors, pharmaceuticals, and life sciences companies are leading the next wave of healthcare innovation by utilizing connected devices.

    Friday, March 6, 2020

    The cost of healthcare is rising globally and to tackle this,

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    Gadget Science – Educational Science Projects and Experiments

    How to turn a lesson into halloween magic

    You’ve seen it–that magical moment when you students just “clicked” with your lesson. They were engaged, even if just for a few brief moments, instead of daydreaming or wishing they could be texting their friends.

    Adapting your lesson to a Halloween theme is more likely to engage them. Kids are already fascinated by Halloween. Connect your science lesson to it, and they will be more engaged and interested.

    The holiday becomes a catalyst for engagement.

    How to adapt your lessons

    Three simple steps:

    Step 1. Look at the lessons you have planned for the next two weeks.

    Are there any demonstrations you will do? A small modification may be all you need to turn it into a Halloween-based science lesson.

    Step 2. Look for connections to Halloween: pumpkins, smoke, goo, colors, or mixtures.


    Can you do the experiment inside a pumpkin? I’ve seen the classic baking powder + vinegar

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    1. What is media technology?

    What is media ?


    First of all what is word definition for media?

        Media is the plural of medium (middle, center, intermediary).

    So Media is an
    intermediary in order to transport information used to communicate (like the
    press, radio, television). Medias let to disseminate information to a large
    number of people without customization of the message. That is why we speak
    also of mass media. However, the term is used in more general senses, to
    designate the means of communication such as language, writing or music. 

    What is media Technology?


    That’s Technology and methods that support
    human communication over distances in time and space.


    painting and arts, it uses the medium term to describe a technique used (example:
    watercolor is a medium).

    In Audio, video and computer, media support is
    physically stored content (in the case of a single file) or transferred content
    (in the case of a

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    Computer Vision Group – Home

    Welcome to the website of the Computer Vision Group.

    Prof. Dr. Laura Leal-Taixé

    Prof. Dr. Daniel Cremers

    Sabine Wagner

    Dr. Erik Bylow

    Dr. habil. Rudolph Triebel

    Dr. Vladyslav Usenko

    Dr. Tao Wu

    Quirin Lohr

    Mohammed Brahimi

    John Chiotellis

    Nikolaus Demmel

    Patrick Dendorfer

    Marvin Eisenberger

    Thomas Frerix

    Maolin Gao

    Vladimir Golkov

    Björn Häfner

    Qadeer Khan

    Zorah Lähner

    Emanuel Laude

    Maxim Maximov

    Tim Meinhardt

    Lu Sang

    David Schubert

    Yuesong Shen

    Christiane Sommer

    Lukas von Stumberg

    Aysim Toker

    Christian Tomani

    Rui Wang

    Patrick Wenzel

    Nan Yang

    Zhenzhang Ye

    Qunjie Zhou



    • We have four papers accepted to ECCV 2018!

    • Nov 15 2017: Laura Leal-Taixé receives the prestigious Sofja-Kovalevskaja Award (1.65 Mio €) by the Alexander-von-Humboldt Foundation.
    • We have six papers accepted to the International Conference on Computer Vision 2017!

    • We have seven papers accepted to CVPR 2017!

    • Our SGP 2016 paper Non-rigid puzzles (Litany, Rodolà, Bronstein, Bronstein, Cremers) received the Best Paper Award.
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