22 Best Internet Service Providers in Houston, TX (Updated 2020)

ISP Availability surrounding University Of Houston and University Of Houston-Downtown

In the 2 mile area around University Of Houston, a normal home or apartment building will have 3 options for an internet connection. University Of Houston-Downtown currently shows 2.93 ISPs to select from at addresses within 2 miles of the university. Both universities have average download speeds that are more than capable of meeting student use cases such as downloading online video, sharing large items, and online gaming. Download speed records collected in the same zip where University Of Houston is located show an average speed of 47.94 Mbps download, as opposed with 30.95 Mbps around the University Of Houston-Downtown area. Plans in this range aren’t guaranteed to be accessible in every area near campus, and may be unobtainable in apartment buildings. Remember that these averages are based on download speed tests, and performance will likely be closer to the providers advertised speeds shown here.

Data Caps Among Houston ISPs

Many Internet providers have been moving to add data limits onto their home Internet packages as of late. This trend is certainly true for the Houston market, with ISPs like Xfinity featuring plans with data caps. It’s not a large concern for the majority of Internet users, but might affect users who share their plan with family or friends or “power users” who download a lot of high-def content. An HD video stream on Netflix uses around three Gigabytes of data hourly. Standard Definition (SD) video consumes about 1GB/hr.

Internet access in Houston neighborhoods

Houston coverage information can be found in the following specific neighborhoods: Piney Point Village, Jacinto City, West University Place, and Jersey Village.

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