CASI Software

CASI Software is a leading provider of electronic information delivery solutions for the
IBM z/OS platform. CASI Software products leverage existing mainframe assets,
while exploiting the efficiencies and benefits of IP technologies, to provide customers a
higher ROI on their System z investment.

Modernize, secure and deliver mainframe report content
with JES2Mail/JES2FTP.
Transform mainframe JES and other print content into PDF, XML, HTML, and spreadsheet-ready formats;
encrypt and secure the content; and deliver the results via email, FTP or RSS feeds.

Native CICS PDF creation and delivery. Dynamically create secure PDF documents from any CICS application.
Create rich, real-time PDF documents containing overlays, watermarks, barcodes, images, annotations, bookmarks and more.

Publish z/OS report content using RSS Web Feeds.
Combine the powerful JES2FTP technology with RSS extensions to provide a standards-based method to publish print content “to the cloud”.

Initiate z/OS application processing via email.
Initiate z/OS application updating and processing via email messages and/or attachments. Eliminate open FTP ports,
simplify TSO account management, and better utilize scarce system programming resources.

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