Computer Media Conversion Services

a division of Advanced Computer Innovations, Inc.
70 Office Park Way • Pittsford, NY 14534-1746 (USA)
Phone: (585)-385-3810 • Email: click here

We convert computer files and data from all kinds of legacy
media (floppy disks, zip disks, superdisks, tape cartridges,
9-track open-reel tapes, etc.) to modern media such as
CD/DVD and flash drives, so that you can access your old
files on modern computers.
We convert your information from a wide variety of
computers and operating systems, including Microsoft
Windows, Apple iOS, PC-Dos, MS-Dos, ProDos, Apple-II Dos,
CP/M, Radio Shack TRS-Dos, Cromemco CDOS, TurboDos,
SOS, Unix, Xenix, IBM, OfficeVision, DEC, UniSys, Xerox,
Macintosh, Lisa, iMac, and many others.
We convert from many dedicated word processors,
typewriters and typesetters, including IBM Displaywriter,
Panasonic, Brother, CPT, Xerox 860, Memorywriter, Wang
OIS, Decmate, Compugraphic, Olympia, Dictaphone, NBI,
Lexitron, ITEK Quadratek, and many other systems.
We can also translate your files for software and
application compatibility with the new environment.

If you wish to preserve your old data, you
should transfer it to modern media.
Magnetic media like floppy disks and tapes
have a lifetime of only two or three decades.
We are encountering media written during
the 1980’s that are no longer readable –
they’ve lost their magnetization due to age.
Don’t let this happen to your data – it could
vanish for ever! Transferring it to modern
media such as CD or DVD preserves it and
makes it useable whenever you need it.

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