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Invited Talks Wed 03/25 10:00Xiaolei Huang – Metadata Matters: Adaptation Methods for Robust Document Classification

Invited Talks

Wed 03/25 10:00
Xiaolei Huang – Metadata Matters: Adaptation Methods for Robust Document Classification in Public Health Applications – ERB 228 Pizza

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The CSE department at UTA values faculty candidates who can contribute to the college’s and the department’s diversity initiatives. We further welcome experience with teaching or mentoring diverse groups of students, including first-generation college students, low-income students, racial and ethnic minorities, veterans, and women.

UTA features:

➢ Strong enrollment growth: 2626 students in Fall 2019 (1647 Bachelor’s, 835 Master’s, 144 Ph.D. students)

➢ R-1 university [Carnegie Classification]

➢ A Hispanic-Serving Institution [HACU]

➢ #1 public school in the US for graduating with lowest average student debt [U.S. News & World Report 2019]

➢ #1 in Texas for veterans [Military Times]

➢ #6 in the U.S. for undergraduate diversity [U.S. News & World Report 2019]

➢ Ranked #60 overall: #46 AI, #33 Databases, #15 High-Performance Computing, #14 OS, #44 Security, #45 Software Engineering [, 2016-2019 publications in all venues including non-default ones, as of September 2019]

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering is one of seven departments in the College of Engineering, the third-largest engineering college in Texas. Its mission is to serve the needs of the region, the state, and the nation by providing quality educational, innovative, and relevant research programs in computer science and engineering. The department strives to offer first-rate undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education opportunities; conduct research and development technologies in selected areas; and facilitate technology transfer for the betterment of the quality of life. Its internationally recognized faculty members are engaged in breakthrough research across the leading areas of computer science and engineering.

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