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Gadget Grab As Seen On TV
Gadget Grab Tablet Stand claims to be a revolutionary stand that will help fix a tablet easily for a hands-free usage. Gadget Grab Tablet Stand states to be different from regular solutions like stacking pillows or bulky books to keep the tablet rested to no avail. In fact, Gadget Grab Tablet Stand declares to be even better than clunky tablet covers that fail to deliver on its promises. 

Gadget Grab Tablet Stand promises to be very useful and at the same time quite easy to use. The stand itself comes in a compact size and needs to be flipped open to use it. The gadget is to be pressed against its surface that latches onto it and later used anywhere to stand.

 Gadget Grab Tablet Stand alleges that it stays sturdy on all types of surfaces like Plastic, Granite, Glass, Wood, Formica, Linoleum, Tile, Bamboo, Metal, Concrete, Vinyl, Leather and more and stays put even the surface isnt stable. Can Gadget Grab Tablet Stand really provide easy use and sturdy grip.Gadget Grab Tablet Stand guarantees to keep the tablet intact till it is not manually removed. It asserts to do so with its unique patent-pending technology with polymer surface that acts as millions of suction cups that can instantly grip and release a tablet as many times as wished. Gadget Grab Tablet Stand declares to be great for vertical and horizontal viewing as it has wide base of support.


Gadget Grab As Seen On TV

Gadget Grab Tablet Stand convinces to be a universal solution for everyone who likes to use a tablet without holding it. Gadget Grab Tablet Stand sure does sound fanciful.Gadget Grab Tablet Stand emphasizes to be perfect for use in the kitchen for watching recipes, for e-book readers, watching films on the tablet, at office for giving presentation and much more.

Gadget Grab Features

  • Instantly grips your tablet or phone and leaves no sticky residue
  • Perfect for all your hands free needs
  • Wide secure base prevents tipping and damage

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