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Internet DJ Console is a project started in March 2005 to provide a powerful yet
easy to use source-client for individuals interested in streaming live radio shows over the
Internet using Shoutcast or Icecast servers.

Because of the large number of streaming applications that already existed but did little more
than stream a pair of audio channels or a fixed playlist, it was decided that IDJC would be the opposite
and simulate audio hardware to cut down the expense of creating a home studio.

In addition to providing a large number of show production features, this software has been written
with the aim of producing the best possible experience for the listeners and DJ alike. To that end features
like VoIP integration were conceived of from the very start resulting in the choice of Jack Audio Connection
Kit to base the audio.

This has afforded IDJC audio processing capabilities that were they built in would be considered excessive. Enjoy
integration with powerful programs such as the well known Skype, Jack Rack (offering audio sound effects plugins),
Jamin (the powerful audio compressor/equalizer), and many more.

Fortunately IDJCs power does not come at the expense of a well organized user interface, nor
have requests for features been permitted to diminish the application’s intuitive feel yet throughout development
the main goals have always been that of stability and audio quality.

Stephen Fairchild

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