Meet Jon Prosser, the new Apple rumormonger who hasn’t missed yet

On March 15, little-known Apple leaker Jon Prosser tweeted, “Probably the weirdest timing ever… but new Apple products this week.” Three days later, the new iPad Pro and MacBook Air arrived. On March 31, he tweeted that the iPhone 9 (the previously rumored name for the iPhone SE) would arrive on April 15 and ship on April 22. Other than a slight miss on the ship date—it’s actually arriving on the 24th—he was the only person on the interwebs to nail that one, too.

So, if the name Jon Prosser wasn’t known in the Apple rumor community before, it almost certainly is now.

“It’s interesting to see how I didn’t actually change but suddenly things are different,” said Prosser in an interview with Macworld earlier this week, when the iPhone SE was still just a rumor. “Because a lot of people, especially from the media, are watching and they’re picking apart my jokes and it’s just weird.”

Prosser isn’t just an Apple leaker on Twitter. His day job is running the “Front Page Tech” YouTube channel, which has more than 200,000 subscribers at last count. A focus on him had already increased views and subscribers before his iPhone SE prediction came true, and now they’re set to explode as more Apple fans and watchers turn to him as a source in the model of Mark Gurman, Ben Geskin, and Ming-Chi Kuo.

“Throughout at least the last year, my credibility has been a big priority. I wanted to blur the lines between a funny show and actual journalism,” Prosser said. “I don’t want to say that I’m nervous, but I am trying to be more aware of how I say things and for the first time ever, large portions of episodes are scripted. There’s way more time and attention that goes into an episode now.

“It’s my name, it’s my reputation, and it’s eight years of my career on the line every time I say something.” 

Prosser has suddenly become an unofficial authority on one of the most beloved tech companies in history. The right Apple rumor can spread like wildfire from the digital pages of MacRumors to the New York Times, and Prosser is aware of how easy it is for his creator persona to influence how people digest his information.

prosser fpt Jon Prosser/FPT

Jon Prosser’s YouTube channel, Front Page Tech, is taking longer to produce these days, as large portions of episodes are now scripted.

“I’m being judged almost completely on my personality,” he said. “I play a character on my show, it’s me turned up to 11, and my absolute first priority with ‘Front Page Tech’ is comedy …. I think that gets lost in the translation and they don’t see my information as credible because I’m not a publication, or it’s clouded in a joke they didn’t like or something like that.”

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