Shfty/inspector-gadget: A general-purpose GDScript inspector UI for building your own editors inside Godot.

A general-purpose GDScript UI for building editor functionality inside Godot.


Inspector gadget is a set of GDScript UI controls designed to read and write object properties at runtime. It extends the standard get_indexed() function from the Node class with support for arrays and dictionaries, allowing for fully-recursive property visualization and editing using NodePath subnames.


  • Inspect and edit the properties of any object from inside your Godot game
  • Address any property with string-based subnames
    • Example: SomeNode:resource_property:dictionary_property:[values]:3
  • Selectively hide properties via blacklist
  • Visualize custom Resource subclasses with your own controls
  • Type-hint typeless structures like Array and Dictionary for full control over UI
  • Easily filter built-in properties, leaving only custom script data

Example Content

example.tscn in the scenes folder contains a visual example of the Inspector Gadget UI, and includes visualization and editing for each of Godot’s built-in basic types.

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