Sticky Notes Online Windows 7/ Vista Sidebar Gadget

  • Installing

  • If the gadget is installed as a download from or the Windows Live Gallery,
    it will directly install in the Vista Sidebar, however if the user deletes and then
    wishes to reinstall the gadget, the user can find the gadget listed in the List
    of Sidebar Gadgets.


  • Welcome Message

  • When the gadget is first installed the user is presented with the following one-time
    Welcome Message


  • Notes Window
  • The Main Notes Window where the user can write notes is shown below

    On moving the mouse out of the notes gadget the Login/Register links, the note position
    and all the add, delete, previous, next buttons are hidden as shown below

    On undocking (moving the gadget outside the Sidebar), the Notes Gadget becomes bigger
    in size as shown below


  • Buttons
  • The buttons at the bottom allow the user to do the following:-
    ADD – Add a new note. (Maximum of ten).
    DELETE – Delete the current Note (Not allowed when the user has a single note).
    PREVIOUS – Moves to the previous Note. (Not Allowed when the user is at the first
    NEXT – Moves to the next Note. (Not Allowed when the user is at the last note).


  • Register
  • On initially installing the gadget it works in the offline mode i.e. Notes written
    will be saved only on your local computer. To Permanently save notes. The user need
    to Register/Login, which enables the Notes to be saved permanantly
    on the Notes Server. Clicking the register link brings out the Register Window as
    shown below.

    The user then fills the required fields

    On clicking the ‘Click User’ button, the Notes Gadget shows up with the ‘Logged
    In’ message with a green button.

    At this point any Notes written in the gadget will be permanently saved, even if
    you delete the gadget and re-install it, or Log Off and Login back again your notes will be saved. Moreover the notes
    written after logging in can be accessed (provided the correct login) by all other
    Sticky Notes Online clients, on other computers and web browsers


  • Log Off
  • If the user clicks the green button when logged in, a window will appear asking
    the user if she/he wants to log off as show below

    On clicking ‘Continue Offline’ the Notes Gadget reverts to start saving Notes locally,
    these changes cannot be accessed by other clients.


  • Login
  • If the user has already registered and either decides to log off and re-login or
    installs the Sticky Notes Online Gadget on a different computer. The user can login
    to retrieve all her/his Notes by clicking the login link.

  • Login – Options
  • If the user has entered notes while working offline (not logged in), on clicking
    the login button, the Notes Gadget verifies that different notes exist on the server
    and gives the user the following option.

    – If the User clicks Continue Offline, the user will remain offline (not logged

    – If the User clicks ‘Update Notes with Server Data’ – The notes written by the
    user in offline mode will be replaced by the ones saved on the server.

    – If the User clicks ‘Update Notes with Current Data’ – The notes on the server
    will be replaced by the notes currently entered by the gadget.

    Below we see that the user has selected ‘Update Notes with Current Data’, which
    logs the user in and the notes on the server have been replaced by the users current
    notes. (Thus all other clients, E.g. the IGoogle client, which display the users
    Notes will now see the new Notes.


  • Settings
  • Clicking the blue Tools icon as shown below brings up the settings panel.

    The Settings enable the user to change the current theme, font style,
    font size and whether the scrollbar should be shown or not, if the
    ‘Show Scrollbar’ checkbox is unchecked, the user can scroll using the mouse wheel.

    The Slider Speed setting is used to change the speed at which the gadget
    will display the next previous note on clicking the next/previous buttons.

    The Check If Server…Sync Settings are explained in
    the next section

    Below we show an example of the user making changes to the theme and font settings.

    On clicking Ok the Notes Gadget will be displayed as below


  • Sync Settings
  • When the user is logged in the Windows Vista Sticky Note Online Gadget on a computer,
    and is also logged on a different Sticky Note Online Gadget E.g. the IGoogle Sticky
    Notes Online Gadget, if the user modifies the notes on the other (IGoogle) gadget
    as show below.

    Based on the amount of time set in the ‘Check Server Every’ drop down list, The
    Vista Notes Gadget will check if updated notes exist on the server, if the gadget
    finds more recent notes on the server it shows the following message

    On clicking the message the user is presented with the following options:-

    – If the User clicks ‘Update Notes with Server Data’ – The current notes in the
    Vista Gadget will be replaced by the ones saved on the server.

    – If the User clicks ‘Update Notes with Current Data’ – The notes on the server
    will be replaced by the notes currently in the gadget.

    Below we see that the user has selected ‘Update Notes with Server Data’, which updates
    the Vista Notes Gadget by the Notes present on the server (entered using the IGoogle


  • Network Disconnected
  • When the user starts Windows Vista and the Notes gadget starts in the Vista Sidebar,
    if the user is logged in, the gadget tries to get the notes from the server, however
    if network connectivity is absent or there are issues with the server, the following
    message is shown

    On clicking the Notes Gadget, the user is presented with the following options.

    If the user selects try again, the gadget will try to access the Notes Server again,
    on success the users Notes will appear in the gadget, on failure the gadget will
    display the same message again.

    If the user selects Continue Offline, the user can access the Notes gadget in the
    offline mode, However if updates were made to the Notes from other clients while
    the current computer was shut down, those updates will not be reflected.


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