Functions of Computer Hardware Components

I work for an IT magazine company called ‘All Systems Go!’ The magazine reviews different computer systems, components and devices. My company has been approached by the producers of the TV programme The Gadget Show to write a blog or website to help their viewers understand the different elements of a computer system. In this blog I will be covering computer system components and their different types of Internal System Units and Components such as Hard Drive, Configuration and Controllers, Ports, Internal Memory, Specialised Cards, Backing Storage and Peripherals.

The Internal System Unit is made up of many components such as the Processor, Motherboard, BIOS, Power supply, fan and heat sink, hard drive configuration and controllers e.g. RAM, ROM, Cache and specialised cards e.g. Network and graphic cards.


The processor is also known as the CPU which stands for Central Processing Unit and the Heart of the computer system

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ICT Applications


A computer system consists of mainly four basic units; namely input unit, storage unit, central processing unit and output unit. Central Processing unit further includes Arithmetic logic unit and control unit, as shown in the figure:.
A computer performs five major operations or functions irrespective of its size and make. These are

• it accepts data or instructions as input,

• it stores data and instruction

• it processes data as per the instructions,

• it controls all operations inside a computer, and

• it gives results in the form of output.

Functional Units:

a. Input Unit: This unit is used for entering data and programs into the computer system by the user for processing.

Basic Computer Organisation

b. Storage Unit: The storage unit is used for storing data and instructions before and after processing.

c. Output Unit: The output unit is used

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digital computer | Evolution, Components, & Features

Development of the digital computer

Blaise Pascal of France and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz of Germany invented mechanical digital calculating machines during the 17th century. The English inventor Charles Babbage, however, is generally credited with having conceived the first automatic digital computer. During the 1830s Babbage devised his so-called Analytical Engine, a mechanical device designed to combine basic arithmetic operations with decisions based on its own computations. Babbage’s plans embodied most of the fundamental elements of the modern digital computer. For example, they called for sequential control—i.e., program control that included branching, looping, and both arithmetic and storage units with automatic printout. Babbage’s device, however, was never completed and was forgotten until his writings were rediscovered over a century later.

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Components of a Computer System


No. You have destroyed a particular physical book,
but not the information that is the novel Tom Sawyer.
(You will still have to write that book report.)

Information is funny stuff.
The information for the web page you are looking at
is recorded on a hard disk
inside a computer located in New Britain, Connecticut.
The information was copied from that physical device to other physical devices
perhaps hundreds of times
before it got to your computer where your web browser
is using it to display these words on your monitor.
Clearly information is something different from
the devices used to store and transmit it.

A computer system consists of both hardware
and information stored on hardware.
Information stored on computer hardware is often called software.

The hardware

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