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11 tecno-gadget di cui dotare gli anziani in questo periodo di isolamento

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margu-NotebookInfo2 Gadget Review

The margu-NotebookInfo2 gadget is an excellent multifunction system monitor gadget for Windows 7 and Windows Vista. This gadget can track CPU and memory use, wireless network strength, battery performance, and much more.

Either a lot or very little thought went in to naming this gadget – margu-NotebookInfo2 certainly doesn’t roll off the tongue.

The strange name aside, the margu-NotebookInfo2 Windows gadget is an excellent one. You can monitor several aspects of your Windows PC in one place through this highly configurable gadget.

The margu-NotebookInfo2 gadget works with both the Windows 7 and Windows Vista operating system. Since the gadget is downloaded through a ZIP archive, you’ll have to first open the archive before finding the margu-NotebookInfo2.gadget file.

Pros & Cons

There’s not much to complain about when it comes to this system monitor Windows gadget:

  • Displays CPU usage for up to 2 cores
  • Contains several system monitoring options
  • Many configurations
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Refurbed raises $17 million to expand its refurbished gadget marketplace

Vienna, Austria-based Refurbed announced today that it has raised a $17 million round of venture capital to fuel the expansion of its marketplace for restored consumer electronics.

Refurbed, which focuses on the European market, works with factory partners that specialize in restoring smartphones, laptops, and tablets. The company makes those products easier to find via its website, while also offering warranties and customer service.

“We want to make refurbished products as normal as possible,” said cofounder and CEO Peter Windischhofer. “With refurbished products, you can get good quality for less money and do something good for the environment. There’s not many products where you can say that.”

Founded in 2017, the company reports that it has more than 150,000 customers. Refurbed is riding consumers’ growing interest in second-hand devices. Rival Back Market, based in Paris, raised a $48 million round in 2018 and has expanded into the U.S.

Windischhofer cofounded

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‘I have a secret kitchen gadget that’s better than any box of ingredients in isolation’

My inbox is currently flooded with suggestions of delivery services offering to supply Michelin-quality ingredients for me to put together. If only, they hint, I can fold a couple of napkins into the shape of a swan and light a pink tapered candle, I can imagine myself in some mythical Chez Bruce.

Coronavirus may have stripped loo roll and spaghetti from the shelves of every supermarket, yet supplies of tarragon, toasted pine nuts and black truffles appear to be holding up very nicely. But I have a secret kitchen gadget that’s better than any carefully packaged box of esoteric ingredients. I have a Thermomix. 

The food processor, first developed in 1971 by a German firm, but particularly popular in France, is a combined chopper, cooker and weighing scales. It can knead dough, ferment kimchi or yoghurt, cook a perfect sous-vide steak, steam trout and prepare rice to sushi standards.


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Gadget Grab – Best of As Seen On TV

 Gadget Grab  

As Seen On TV

Gadget Grab As Seen On TV
Gadget Grab Tablet Stand claims to be a revolutionary stand that will help fix a tablet easily for a hands-free usage. Gadget Grab Tablet Stand states to be different from regular solutions like stacking pillows or bulky books to keep the tablet rested to no avail. In fact, Gadget Grab Tablet Stand declares to be even better than clunky tablet covers that fail to deliver on its promises. 

Gadget Grab Tablet Stand promises to be very useful and at the same time quite easy to use. The stand itself comes in a compact size and needs to be flipped open to use it. The gadget is to be pressed against its surface that latches onto it and later used anywhere to stand.

 Gadget Grab Tablet Stand alleges that it stays sturdy on all types of surfaces like Plastic, Granite, Glass, Wood, Formica, Linoleum, Tile,
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Gadget Insurance Ireland – Mobile Phone Insurance

Protect your favourite laptop, tablet, smartphone or ereader with Quote Devil’s Gadget insurance. Protection for accidental damage or theft for up to five gadgets including mobile phone, laptop, iPad, camera and DS Lite.

Looking for cover for your favourite laptop, tablet, smartphone or e-reader? With Quote Devil’s Gadget insurance you can get protection for accidental damage such as a cracked screen, cover for water or liquid damage, as well as cover for loss or theft. With prices starting from just €3.99 a month we cover your gadgets at home and abroad with 60 days worldwide cover a year. We can even cover up to five gadgets on the one policy including your mobile phone, laptop, iPad, camera or DS Lite and save you 15% off the cost of insuring them separately. We also do Corporate Gadget Cover for your business where you can save 25% if you cover 20 gadgets

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Inspector Gadget @ 80s Cartoons




80s Cartoons gifts


Inspector Gadget Cartoon

Title: Inspector Gadget
Country of Origin: France/Canada/USA/Japan/Taiwan
Produced by:
DiC Entertainment / Nelvana
Air Date:
Number of Episodes:
Episode Length:
22 minutes
UK Channel: ?

80s Cartoons retro rating: 4/5
Inspector Gadget Retro Rating: 4/5

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A British inspector who has the ability to command a helicopter to come out of his head or roller skates to come out of his shoes, attempts to stop the evil MAD agents from their evil plans. Luckily for Gadget he has his neice, Penny, aiding him with her computer book and she has her faithful and super intelligent dog Brain.

Inspector Gadget Theme

Inspector Gadget theme:

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Inspector Gadget Lyrics

Inspector Gadget lyrics:

Inspector Gadget!
Inspector Gadget!

Inspector Gadget!
Inspector Gadget!

Go Gadget Go!
Go Gadget Go!


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Gadget Awak

Gadget Awak

Latest Post

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Gadget Repair Nottingham | Micro Soldering Repairs




We have expertise in micro soldering so can tackle repairs beyond many other repair companies. Check out our REPAIR VIDEO section for examples of some of these repairs.

We specialise in smartphone and tablet repair but can fix board issues on many other devices as well. Whether you have a cracked screen, need a battery changing or a more complicated issue like a broken connector or backlight problem we can help.

We operate a NO FIX, NO FEE policy so if we can’t fix your device the only cost to you would be the postage to send it to us and return it back to you (this excludes water damage repair).

All non-board level repairs are normally completed within 1-3 days. Board level/micro soldering repairs can take between 1-2

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The Top 10 Gadget Sites


Probably the most popular gadget blog on the Web, it has become the head of the class and excels at accessing leaked and exclusive images of unreleased gear or breaking news — just ignore the hundreds of other blog sites it promotes.


The first popular site devoted to gadgets on the Web is still one of the most read. Its founder eventually left the site to found Engadget. Like Engadget, Gizmodo thrives on rumors, reviews and leaks, but it features a fun and snarky tone whereas Engadget’s comes across as stoic professionalism.


The tag line for the site is Geek is Chic, and with that in mind GeekSugar focuses on delivering gadget-focused content to a female audience. Its obvious female-centric design isn’t over the top or cloying (I’m looking at you Shiny Shiny).


A venerable tech site, CNET has grown to become a reliable source of

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