Imagining the Internet


his section of Imagining the Internet,
the Early 1990s Predictions Database, includes a
revealing slice of history reflected in various
informative data sets and in the carefully recorded
words of an eclectic group of internet pioneers.

The highlight here is the
searchable and browseable selection of predictive
remarks made between 1990 and 1995 about the future of
networked communications. The early 1990s Predictions
Database contains more than 4,200 statements made
by 1,000 different voices of the time, from
well-connected stakeholders to common netizens. They
tell about their hopes and fears, their concerns and
conflicts. It is the story of the people who supported
or opposed a networked world, and they tell it in their
own words.

To do a specific search
of the database,

or on the ’90s Database
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To browse through some small,
themed collections of predictions

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