International Manufacturing Technology Show | IMTS 2020

Update from AMT & IMTS

To Our Manufacturing Colleagues, Partners and Friends:

Like you, we are concerned about the health crisis that we are all living through. We sincerely hope that your family, employees, and companies remain safe and healthy through this time.

We at AMT realize this is affecting everyone’s life and business. As we move forward, we believe that manufacturing will bounce back stronger and more engaged than we have seen in many years. In addition, we believe that manufacturers will be laser focused on shortening the supply chain and redeveloping their supply base within the United States.

To this end, IMTS 2020 is poised to play a critical role in the revitalization of manufacturing in the United States. With IMTS almost six months away, we are continuing to bring new and exciting features to the show and are fully committed to opening as scheduled on September 14,

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Language Technology | SIL International

SIL’s Language Technology team supports language development by providing specialized software and fonts. Developing standards allows smooth integration between software products SIL produces. This includes submitting proposals to the Unicode character encoding standard when new characters are needed for local languages, and serving on other international standards committees.

New users at a training workshop in Tanzania.

The Language Software Development staff work with users to improve or create software that supports language development activities (for example, language and culture research, literacy materials or dictionary development). In response to user feedback, staff may design software, such as SayMore or Bloom, work on feature enhancement, or recommend existing software to meet user’s needs. Most of the software applications multiple language interfaces, for example FieldWorks Language Explorer (FLEx) provides interfaces in French, Chinese, Spanish and 8 other languages.

The Writing Systems Technology team (WSTech, formerly known as NRSI)  is exclusively dedicated to meeting complex script needs so language communities to use

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