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Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) provides the ability for one computer to share its Internet connection with another computer. To do this, a computer with an Internet connection must be configured to function as an Internet gateway. A second computer (or network of computers) connects to the Internet indirectly via the gateway computer.

Situations in which ICS may be necessary include:

  • Dial-up connection.
  • Authenticated (PPPoA/E) connection.
  • Wireless connection.
  • When it is impractical (such as with distance) to run multiple network cables to each computer.

GUI Method via Network Manager (Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04)

Assuming your Internet connection is on Wi-Fi, and you want to share via cable. On Ubuntu 14.04 open Network connections from the applet or via commandline nm-connection-editor, then add a connection, select type ethernet, create, then on tab IPv4

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