Beautiful, Intriguing, and Illegal Ways to Map the Internet

In 2013, an anonymous hacker mapped the Internet through illegal means, and in the process exposed rampant security problems. The project, called Internet Census 2012, used 420,000 networked devices, dubbed the Carna Botnet, to ping IP addresses across the globe in 2012. Every one of the devices was either entirely unsecured with no password protection, or used the standard password “root” that comes with many off-the-shelf routers (users are supposed to change the password, but rarely do). The hacker released all of the collected data to the public domain in a sort of research paper. The animation above is a map based on that data that shows 24-hours of Internet use.

This map from 2011 by designer Nicolas Rapp shows the fiber optic cables that traverse the oceans carrying information from one continent to the other. The shades of blue show the percentage of a country’s population that uses the

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