Ivanka Trump Promotes Access to High-Quality Coding and Computer Science Education Programs

Senior Advisor to the President Ivanka Trump arrived at Detroit Design 139 in Detroit, Michigan on Tuesday to participate in an event promoting access to high-quality coding and computer science education programs in K-12 schools.

Ms. Trump contributed to a panel of tech industry leaders organized and moderated by the Internet Association’s CEO, Michael Beckerman, who asked Trump how she came to be a part of the conversation on computer science in schools. “Computer science and coding are priorities for the administration as we think about pathways to jobs and alignment of education to in demand jobs in the modern economy,” Trump responded. The panel discussed the importance of establishing programs in K-12 schools that provide students with the skill set necessary to enable their generation, and the economy as a whole, to thrive.

Companies across the country are supporting the federal government’s initiatives to expand science, technology, engineering, and

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