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Hello Washington Students and Families,

This is Principal Bonnick. I hope that everyone is doing as well as possible during these unprecedented times.
As we prepare to launch distance learning officially on April 6 it is very important that you are checking Schoology daily. Teachers are waiting to hear from you! From now until April 6 teachers will be posting activities to prepare you for the official launch of quarter 4 and our distance learning program. Please know that we are working diligently to make sure this process is as smooth as possible.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to check your email
as frequently as possible for updates on the situation before us.
In times like these it is imperative that staff, students, and families
are receiving their information from the same source to prevent

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Accessible Technology

Experiencing inaccessible IT? Please let us know.

The University of Washington (UW) strives to ensure that people with disabilities have access to all services and content, including those delivered using information technology (IT). If you experience a barrier that affects your ability to access UW websites, videos, on-line forms, or other IT, please send a detailed message to help@uw.edu.

For additional issues or needs related to accessibility or accommodations at the UW, please see our Getting Help page.

Teaching and Learning Online: Accessibility Resources

The University of Washington (UW) has transitioned to an online education model through Spring quarter 2020 in light of COVID-19. The following resources are provided as a starting point for students with disabilities who are faced with learning in a fully online environment, as well as for instructors who are teaching online and need to ensure their course content is accessible to all learners, including those

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Free Technology for Teachers

C-SPAN Classroom is a free resource that anyone who teaches U.S. History or civics should have bookmarked. I’ve written about many of their great resources and programs over the years including their annual student video contest and annual summer workshops for teachers.

C-SPAN Classroom recently published a new lesson plan that includes a set of resources for helping students explore and learn about the current and possible future economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The resources include eight video clips, an analysis template, and a brainstorming activity for students to complete individually or in online groups.

Application in Online Classrooms
The lesson features eighteen vocabulary words that high school students have probably heard but will need to review in the context of the lesson and the current COVID-19 pandemic. I might use Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams to create a discussion forum in which students go beyond basic definitions and

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Main Science and Technology Indicators


Last update: 2019/2 (February 28, 2020)
Next update: 2020/1 (July 2020)

Main Science and Technology Indicators full database

Short address for this page: http://oe.cd/msti


This page presents key highlights from the latest MSTI data.

 Download a detailed highlights note


Research and development (R&D) intensity (expenditure on R&D as a percentage of Gross Domestic Product, GDP) in the OECD area rose from 2.37% in 2017 to 2.40% in 2018, according to the latest data published on February 28 in the OECD Main Science and Technology Indicators (MSTI) database. This increase, which follows a similar rise between 2016 and 2017, was driven by faster real growth in R&D expenditure (+3.8%) compared to GDP (+2.3%). The OECD area has not seen comparable growth in R&D expenditure over a two-year period since before the 2008 global financial crisis. Growth in R&D intensity was widespread across the majority of OECD countries in 2018, with the

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20 Types Of Technology – Simplicable

Technology is the use of scientific knowledge to create tools. The following are common types of technology.A broad class of technology based on machines that process data and perform calculations at high speed known as computers. Most modern technologies have some relationship with information technology.Links that allow devices to share data. Networks are connected to networks to create larger networks such as the internet.Devices that record data from their environment such as microphones, cameras and accelerometers.A term for the practice of embedding computers, sensors and networking capabilities into everyday objects such as infrastructure or a bottle of water.


Transport technology such as high speed trains and aircraft.


Energy infrastructure such as solar panels, wind turbines and grids.


Agricultural technologies such as farm robots.


Technologies for buildings such as elevators or smart windows.

Entertainment & Media

Tools for consuming or producing entertainment and media.

Art & Music

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Abrasive Technology – Diamond, CBN grinding wheels and PCD tooling

  • About Us

    • Reputation for Innovation
    • Industry Milestones
    • Proven History in Superabrasives
    • PCO
    • Key Bios
    • Green Initiatives / Process

  • Engineered Solutions

    • Innovation / Research & Development
    • Design
    • Engineering
    • Quality Assurance / Certificates
    • E-Business Support
    • Regulatory Compliance

  • Markets

    • Aerospace
    • CMP Electronics
    • Composites
    • Dental
    • General Industrial
    • Lapidary/Crystalite®
    • Medical
    • Oil & Gas
    • Stone
    • Other Markets

  • Applications

    • Drilling
    • Grinding
    • Polishing
    • Sharpening

  • Product Lines

    • P.B.S.® Braze
    • Electroplated
    • Flexible Bond
    • Hybrid Bond
    • Metal Bond
    • Resin Bond
    • PCD/PCBN Tooling
    • Industrial Tooling
    • Custom Solutions

  • Resources

    • Videos
    • Literature Request
    • SDS
    • Quality System Certificates
    • Medical/Dental Instructions
    • Ask an Expert
    • Request a Quote
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Assistive Technology of Ohio |

NOTE: Coronavirus pandemic — As you are well aware, all areas of life and work are being affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. Because of this, Assistive Technology of Ohio is temporarily closed and staff are working from home for the next several weeks while we deal with the worldwide pandemic. As a result, for the time being, our Computer Refurbish and Redistribution Program and Device Lendng Library have been suspended. Applications for computers can still be downloaded and are sill being accepted and mailed when requested. However, do not send any payment at this time.

Device Request Forms — We are also still accepting device request forms for rhe Device Lending Library, but devices will not be shipped until the office reopens.

Once life returns to a more normal pace and workers and students are allowed to return to campus, we will resume operations and refurbish computers and open the

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Houston Information Technology Services

Houston Information Technology Services

The Houston Information Technology Services (HITS) department provides enterprise IT services for the City of Houston. These services include voice and network, cyber-security, email and communication platforms and shared enterprise applications that are used by all City employees.

HITS is comprised of five separate divisions that provide technical services and support. The Project Management Office, Enterprise Applications Services, Enterprise Infrastructure Services, Enterprise Cyber-Security and Radio Communication Services all provide a professional approach to providing our customers with innovative solutions all while keeping customer service at the forefront of what we do.

HITS approaches all solutions by evaluating what the short and long term goals are of the customer and then seeks to find the most optimal solution. Our portfolio contains a hybrid approach with both cloud and on-premise solutions. Using a hybrid model allows us to offer

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The Best Technology Products, Software & Services Reviewed

Kayaking is becoming more and more popular as people seek to get in touch with nature and go on more adventures. It’s a hobby that’s simple to learn and one that allows you to escape the rush of your day-to-day. If you want to get started in kayaking, you’ll first need to buy a kayak. You might not know exactly where to start, but it’s not too complicated. Buying the right kayak for your needs requires a lot of research. First, you’ll need to figure out how you’re going to use your kayak. If you need some help in this area, check out our best kayaks of 2018, which have been broken down by use type and price. After you’ve determined how you’re going to use your kayak and set a budget for how much you want to spend, you’ll need to find the best places to buy your new

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Technology Pioneer | World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum believes that innovation is critical to the future well-being of society and to driving economic growth. Launched in 2000, the Technology Pioneer community is composed of early to growth-stage companies from around the world that are involved in the design, development and deployment of new technologies and innovations, and are poised to have a significant impact on business and society.

The Forum recognizes a limited number of companies each year as Technology Pioneers and incorporates them into its initiatives, activities and events, where they bring cutting-edge insights and novel perspectives to world-critical discussions. Companies selected in the past include: Airbnb, bluebird bio, Bloom Energy, Cyberdyne, Editas Medicine, Foundation Medicine, Google, Kaggle, Kickstarter, Mozilla, Palantir Technologies, Proteus Digital Health, Scribd, Spotify, Twitter and Wikimedia.

Amid major global disruptions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is a critical moment for innovative companies to bring forward new ideas

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