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Joaquina Erdmann

The best internet browser isn’t necessarily the default one that comes with your device. Whether you’re looking for faster web browsing or more security while you’re online, we’ll help you choose the right internet browser in this guide. 

After more than 80 hours of research and testing, we came to the conclusion that Mozilla Firefox is the best internet browser for most people. It boasts fast page loads, quick navigation and, most importantly, secure browsing. We tested each web browser’s default security settings using live malware, and Firefox correctly stopped more malicious downloads – and warned of more dangerous websites – than any other popular web browser. 

However, there are a number of very good browsers to choose between, and the right one for you will depend on your requirements. You’ll find our pick of the best internet browsers below.

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50 Examples of Responsive Web Design (plus 1)

Joaquina Erdmann

Nowadays, it’s not only important to develop your clients’ websites to look good on all browsers, and on PC and MAC, it’s also a must that websites are viewable on tablets and mobile devices. A lot of people opt for making one version of their site for desktop and another for mobile. Others choose Responsive Design, a mix of fluid grids and layouts, flexible images and an intelligent use of CSS media queries. There are quite a few sites dedicated to lending a hand with responsive gridsGridpak, CSSGrid,  Skeleton and SimpleGrid, just to name a few. Here are 50 (plus 1) examples of responsive websites.

  • CSS Tricks

    CSS Tricks

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  • Smashing Magazine

    Smashing Magazine

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  • Deux Huit Huit

    Deux Huit Huit

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  • Rally Interactive

    Rally Interactive

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  • Solo


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  • Trent Walton

    Trent Walton

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  • Andersson-Wise Architects

    Andersson-Wise Architects

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  • The Work Cycle

    The Work Cycle


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The Best Web Hosting Providers for 2020

Joaquina Erdmann

Welcome to the CNET 2020 directory of web hosting services. In this directory, we’ll look at a few of the best web hosting providers like Bluehost, A2Hosting, Hostinger, DreamHost, HostGator, InMotion Hosting and more. In this evaluation of the best web hosting providers, we’re featuring commercial web hosting companies that offer WordPress, VPS, shared hosting and many more web hosting services, along with a variety of annual and monthly plans.     

Let’s look at each of the web hosting companies below in a little more depth to help you find the best web hosting provider to meet your needs.

Read more: The best website builders for 2020 The best password managers for 2020 and how to use them

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  • Shared hosting starting at  $2.59/mo. 
  • WordPress hosting starting at  $2.59/mo. 
  • VPS hosting starting at $10/mo. 
  • Dedicated servers starting
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News & Periodical Resources on the Web

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Library of Congress
>> Researchers

Newspaper and Current Periodical Reading Room (Serial and Government Publications Division)

>> News & Periodical

Jump to: Newspapers | Current
| Other News & Hybrid Lists | Periodicals

  • List of Newspapers
  • Lists of Newspapers by Country (Wikipedia)
  • NewsLink  Web
    Newspapers Worldwide
  • Associated Press
  • BBC News
  • CBC News Online (Canadian
    Broadcasting Corporation)
  • Google News
  • The Media Line the
    MidEast News Source.
  • NewsNow
  • Noovell
  • Today’s
    Front Pages
    (from the Newseum)
  • Watching America –
    translations of worldwide news items.
  • World News
    Full text articles and links to foreign media by country.
  • WorldProNews
  • Yahoo! News

Return to top of page.

  • British Library. News Information Resources.
  • Current Interests Center. Middletown Thrall Library.
  • Hometown News lists
    the smaller, more regional newspapers in addition to the big
    city newspapers sites.
  • Latin American and Mexican Online News. University of
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Web Templates | HTML5 Website Templates

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Template Monster – Digital Design Marketplace

TemplateMonster is a large and growing marketplace where you can find high-quality digital products matching the latest web standards. The collection of items includes

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Internet Statistics: Web Growth, Internet Growth

Joaquina Erdmann

Internet Statistics: Web Growth, Internet Growth

Growth and Usage of the Web and the Internet


Want to know how big the Internet is? How fast is it growing? Will
it ever stop? These pages are meant to be a collection of Internet
statistics in one place. A good bit of this, especially the web
growth data, was researched by me personally. Other information is
credited appropriately on the individual pages.

If you want to publish these statistics in any form,
you are granted permission under the conditions that, if the data
originated with me, you include explicit credit to “Matthew Gray of
the Massachusetts Institute of Technology”. This includes permission
to include in newspaper, magazine, newsletter and journal articles,
presentations, memos, web sites, and marketing material, assuming
proper credit is given. You are not required to notify me of your use
of this data, but feel free to

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Web Pages That Suck – learn good web design by looking at bad web design

Joaquina Erdmann

I’ve taken a long sabbatical from the site because of an overdose of dealing with websites and people suffering from Dunning-Kruger Syndrome. Seriously, 20 years of looking at badly designed websites takes its toll, but like John Wick, I’m back. Bad websites: Prepare to get shot in the face a la John Wick. Click picture for my feelings on the matter.

Web Pages That Suck Presents The 20 Worst Websites of 2014

some websites are unbelievably bad

This year there’s less emphasis on using Over-The-Top websites—mostly because I’ve separated them into their own document The 12 Worst Over-The-Top Websites of 2014—and started discussing mobile mistakes along with more serious design flaws. This shouldn’t be a surprise as the world is seeing a quantifiable move from the desktop to mobile.

The 20 Worst Websites of 2014

The 12 Worst Over-The-Top Websites of 2014

this website is really poorly designed

Here are 2014’s websites that make you ask questions like, “WTF is going

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Welcome to the SICP Web Site

Joaquina Erdmann

Welcome to the SICP Web Site

Wizard Book n. Hal Abelson’s, Jerry Sussman’s
and Julie Sussman’s Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
(MIT Press, 1984; ISBN 0-262-01077-1), an excellent computer science text used
in introductory courses at MIT. So called because of the wizard on the jacket.
One of the bibles of the LISP/Scheme world. Also, less commonly, known as the
Purple Book.

from The New Hacker’s Dictionary, 2nd edition
(MIT Press, 1993)

This site is a companion to the influential computer-science text Structure and Interpretation of Computer
, by Abelson, Sussman, and Sussman. Its purpose is to
demonstrate the Web’s potential to be a channel for innovative support for
textbook users.

The material on this site is aimed at instructors using SICP as a
course text, and at people using the book for self-study.

Currently at this site you will find:

Full text!

The complete text in HTML.
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Web resources related to the book You Are Not a Gadget by Jaron Lanier

Joaquina Erdmann

Web resources related to the book You Are Not a Gadget by Jaron Lanier

Web resources related to the book,

You Are Not a Gadget

UKUK BackUK HardcoverUK Hardcover Back
BrazilBrazil BackChinaChina BackChina JacketChina Jacket BackGermanyGermany BackGermany HardcoverGermany Hardcover BackItalyItaly BackJapanJapan BackKoreanKorean BackNetherlandsNetherlands BackPortugalPortugal BackRussia HardcoverRussia Hardcover BackTaiwanTaiwan Back

by Jaron Lanier

Please read these Frequently Asked Questions
(I am updating them as I get feedback about the book, so please check in on them
from time to time.) 

Yet more questions: the book’s political
and economic arguments.

Yet more questions:  Jaron and
Microsoft (including archival materials)

Jaron’s on the TIME 100 list for 2010

Some links related to the book:

Written by Jaron:

NY Times oped on fanaticism in digital politics

Remembering Steve Jobs in Communications of the ACM

and transcript introducing the Local/Global Flip, on

In the New Statesman (UK),

memories of Silicon Valley

Recollections of 9/11 in an anthology
(note this was done shortly after the
attack, and my views have not remained fixed since then)

In The

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Easy Web Site Builder – Build Web Site Easily

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  • Choose from

    over 1000 templates
    and easily change the layout on all templates

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