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TAM Capstone Presentations

Final ATLAS/TAM Capstone projects this Saturday, Aril 25. Seven different sessions in a variety of focused areas streaming from 9am – 9pm. Visit for session information, detailed descriptions of the projects, and links to the streaming information.

A couple weeks ago TAM alumna Cassandra Goodby organized ATLAS T9 Hacks supporting diversity and inclusion in computing. That was followed up with HackCU last weekend, another terrific hackathon! And TAM was represented! TAM major Priyanka Karki (in the middle of the top row) served as co-director of this year’s HackCU. TAM seniors Anna Lynton and Alex Fiel were also caught in hacking mode as participants. Priyanka says she joined the HackCU organizing team attending her first HackCU event. “It’s amazing to see all of the creativity that comes to fruition throughout the course of one weekend. Whether people come to the event with the intent of building a project or simply attend one of our workshops, everyone walks away having learned something new. As an organizer it’s especially rewarding to plan this event for the hundreds of students, faculty members, and industry mentors that attend this event; HackCU has been one of the most pivotal experiences for me in college, and I’m so proud to be leading this team and event!” Congratulations, Priyanka!

TAM Alumni Spotlight:

Michelle Galetti

Michelle Galetti (CU Engineering; TAM ‘19) is profiled in the latest issue of the Coloradan, including her personal story and her development of adaptive and wearable technologies. ATLAS is extraordinarily proud of our faculty and TAM student community who inspire and challenge one another every day.

The Coloradan – Suddenly Silent

Design for Tomorrow

The ever-expanding landscape of the networked age requires new and adaptable skill sets.

The Technology, Arts and Media Program offers two undergraduate programs: a Bachelor of Science in Technology, Arts and Media (BSTAM) as well as a Minor in Technology, Arts and Media (MTAM). The philosophy of the TAM Program curriculum is to integrate creative production, critical thinking, and technical skills into each course. TAM teaches a diverse and robust skill-set that is not confined to specific disciplines such as graphic design or digital art. Instead, we challenge students to become aware of the multiple disciplines that relate to a given problem and to contextualize their work accordingly.

Invent. Design. Create.

The Technology, Arts & Media Program is part of the ATLAS Institute on the University of Colorado at Boulder campus. ATLAS is an innovative initiative in education, research, creative work and outreach in which information and communication technology is the enabling force.

TAM Student Tutors

Check the Tutoring Schedule to find one-on-one help to any of your design/technology questions.

ATLAS Building Hours

The ATLAS building is open to the public from 7:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. weekdays and during special events.

TAM Students have 24/7 BuffOne Card Access. You can apply for access via this form.

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