The 17 Best Los Angeles, CA Internet Providers (Mar 2020)

ISP Coverage near University Of Southern California and University Of California-Los Angeles

In the 2 mile area around University Of Southern California, a normal home or apartment building has 2-3 options for an internet connection. University Of California-Los Angeles currently shows 2.06 ISPs to choose from for homes in a two miles of their location. Both University Of Southern California and University Of California-Los Angeles have average internet speeds that are appropriate for students needs such as streaming video, sharing big items, and playing games. Plans in this range aren’t guaranteed to be obtainable in every road near campus, and could be unobtainable in apartment complexes. Keep in mind these averages are calculatedbased on download speed analysis’, and performance will likely be closer to the advertised speeds shown here.

Working from Home in Los Angeles

Los Angeles currently has 64,592 active workers who perform their work primarily from home via telecommuting. 79.09 of those telecommuters earn less than $75K per year.

Internet access in Los Angeles neighborhoods

To date, we have compiled information about Internet access for these communities within Los Angeles: Commerce, Lincoln Heights, Century City, Watts, Glassell Park, Oakwood, East Los Angeles, Eagle Rock, Highland Park, West Los Angeles, Westchester, Vernon, Leimert Park, and Hollywood.

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