Wind | NREL

NREL has pioneered many of the components and systems that have taken wind energy
technologies to new heights, providing global leadership in fundamental wind energy
science research, development, and validation activities.

From conceptualizing taller turbines capable of greater energy capture to assessing
the United States’ offshore wind energy needs and potential, NREL’s wind energy program
advances wind technologies from initial concepts to deployment. NREL’s 305-acre Flatirons
Campus, which houses the National Wind Technology Center, is an ideal setting for evaluating the reliability and performance of wind turbines
because it experiences diverse and vigorous wind patterns of more than 100 miles per

Wind power plant controls, reliability, and full-scale field research validation

Small wind design, modeling, simulation, resource characterization, analysis, and

Offshore wind controls, reliability, modeling and simulation, and validation and certification

Wind power grid system characterization data and models

Deployment energy and economic analysis, maps, forecasting, workforce development,
and education


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